ExaDigm’s New Semi-Integrated Solution Provides a Cost-Effective and Fully-Compliant EMV Transition for Retailers

ExaDigm’s New Semi-Integrated Solution Provides a Cost-Effective and Fully-Compliant EMV Transition for Retailers

ExaDigm’s new semi-integrated solution incorporates EMV compliance by ensuring payment data transmission is limited to the payment application and the processor.

ExaDigm, Inc., a leading innovator in Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal solutions, announced today the release of their semi-integrated solution, POS Cloud Connector (POSCC). The solution provides businesses worldwide the ability to quickly integrate EMV into their current payments technology without replacing their hardware or needing to recertify.

The POSCC ensures the payment terminals are connected with retail point-of-sale software while maintaining separation between payment information transmission and other systems. It removes the core POS application out of the scope for EMV approval by card brands because the payment data transfer is limited to the payment application and the processor. In other words, the data never touches the POS, removing it from the scope of EMV, Payment Card Industry (PCI), and Payment Application Data Security Standard (PADSS) Certifications.

“It’s exciting. Until now, most retailers were facing a huge investment to become compliant using a fully-integrated system,” says Tony Dabbene, CEO of ExaDigm, Inc. “Semi-integrated solutions like POSCC offer a huge advantage for partners and merchants to use our technology to differentiate themselves, scale business operations, and provide various payment options across multiple locations in a cost-effective way.”

The benefits to business are numerous, mainly related to development time and EMV transition. The semi-integrated approach requires less development, reduces the PCI scope, and facilitates a reduced time-to-market. The new product was designed to help merchants and independent software vendors (ISVs) or other development partners to avoid going through a full EMV certification of their own—allowing for a quick deployment to market.

“It saves the partner money and development time,” explained Dabbene. “The business benefits, too, because they have an approach to EMV transition that works with their existing software. They can accept EMV transactions because their ISV has done the heavy lifting for them.”

EMV standards have been adopted by U.S. card issuers in the wake of large-scale data breaches in recent years. The deadline for EMV transition set by the credit card companies was October 1, 2015, but many businesses are still making the transition. EMV and PCI compliance requires merchants and financial institutions to add new in-store technology and internal processing systems as well as compliance with protecting payment data information. The holdup has been blamed on the transition process being: “too expensive and too complicated.”

However, on the credit card issuer side, the transition process is growing more robust every month. According to Visa, there are 363 million Visa chip cards in the U.S. and 1.5 million merchants that are chip-ready. As a result of the new security standards, in May there was a 47% drop in fraud when compared to May 2015. Retailers that haven’t already made the switch are feeling the pressure to step up their game.

“For retailers to become PCI and PADSS compliant without extensive investment into fully integrated compliant systems, semi-integration offers a cost-effective, compliant resolution,” Dabbene said.

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